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APS Tragedy

APS tragedy is a huge incident in our recent history where innocent children of Pakistan were martyred. It’s heartbreaking to pick the bodies of children from school and there are definitely deep condolences from the day it happened to today and would continue to grieve the families, friends, the entire nation and humanity at large. The nation salutes the courage of the parents and families of APS and all other martyrs who offered their lives in the fight against terrorism. While remembering these children is extremely emotional and rational, security planning and management touched heights unheard of before that includes activating military courts, fast tracking investigations and execution of the culprits. This is of course a reactive approach to managing any incident, including this gruesome one. The important part is that what long terms and sustainable actions are taken to run the affairs of this country. Unfortunately we under-estimated the intent and capability of the un-gruntled terrorists in our clothes.

If we go back in to the background which is highly important to understand the causation and enabling corrective measures, there is a clear connection of security incidents for the last many years in Pakistan like APS and numerous others with national & foreign policies, governance, legislation, rule of law and economic conditions of them asses. The war torn neighbor and enmity on the other side is driving terrorism in Pakistan to gain  political mileage,destabilize Pakistan and shatter the confidence of public in the institutions.

Our best response to APS and other security incidents, besides paying tribute to the martyrs, is to be very clear on our policies in the best interest of the nation. There are already signs of moving in the right direction, let’s continue to hold national plans and priorities above localized short term gains and work on improving performance indicators of Pakistan. Let’s hold our flag high in the sky and build an impenetrable nation to counter challenges of the future.     

محمد اشرف
اپلائیڈ فزکس اور بزنس ایڈمنسٹریشن میں ماسٹرز ڈگری کے حامل ہیں۔ اسلام اور بنیادی انسانی قدروں پر گہرا یقین رکھتے ہیں۔ ان کی محبت اپنے اہل خانہ سے شروع ہوتی ہے اور ساری انسانیت تک محیط ہوجاتی ہے۔ فراغت کے لمحات میں اسکواش، تیراکی اور کتب بینی ان کے مشاغل ہیں۔ دل چسپ بات یہ کہ انھیں خود علم نہیں تھا، یہ ایک اچھے لکھاری بھی ہیں۔

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